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Most students are busy all day working on different projects. It is hard to focus on your essays when you have work pending. The quality of your content has to be excellent if you want good grades. You can use online essay writing services to free up your time. We have arranged a review of an essay writing company named Wiseessays. It is the most comprehensive Wise essays review.

The Internet has provided students an opportunity to buy essay writing services online itself. There are also many options available. Students are looking for paper writing services that can offer them unique and genuine papers that are not plagiarized, and are authored by experienced and qualified writers. They also look for other services including customer service and support that they can use if any issue arises.

WiseEssays.com is one of the legitimate and reliable essay and paper writing service provider companies. Read the article and go through the information given below to find more about the service.

wise essays reviews


They are providing many types of services. You can go to the order page and check the services. There is no specialized service page to give details. You can select one from the drop-down menu. They are providing essay writing, presentation crafting, proposal writing, and other writing services.


They have one of the simplest ways to deliver writing assignments. As there is no specialized service page, you may have difficulty ordering the type of service you need. You can go to the service inquiry section and select the service you want from the drop-down menu. You can also choose the number of words and deadline for delivery as the website will assign you a writer to complete the task. The writer will write an article for you and deliver it before the deadline.

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There is no fixed price per page as you can calculate the rates from the price calculator. You can select a deadline from 6 hours to 10 days. If you need an urgent article, you have to choose a deadline before 24 hours. The website will ask you to pay a premium price for this article. You can also choose the number of pages. After giving the type of service, deadline, and number of pages information, the calculator will help you with the prices.

Customer support

This website offers average customer support as you can use the live chat option. You can also call on their US numbers or email them. You can get instant results with the live chat option and phone number. It is also possible to email them and get a reply within the same day. If you live outside the United States, it will be hard to contact their phone numbers as it will cost you more. They are not offering any International unified phone numbers. It also means that there is no special department for customer support. Some essay writing services have special departments and contact numbers for customer support only. These websites can offer better customer support. You can expect average customer support from wiseessays.com.

Quality of content

If we compare the quality of the content with other websites giving the same rate, we can conclude that their quality is not excellent. They do not have a transparent review system or testimonials to help you identify quality writers. You have to rely on the reviews on Google and other websites to judge the quality before getting their services. When we checked reviews of the website, we found that they are not providing excellent quality content. Many people are complaining that they are using freelancers from different platforms to complete the tasks. It is not a good thing because when you don’t have permanent writers, it can affect the content quality.



The website has an easy interface and the content has an average price. When you contact customer support, they will reply within the same day. There is an option to chat with the representative. You can talk to the person who is handling your content to give more instructions. They have almost thirty types of services available. They will complete the task and submit it to you before the deadline.


They are not providing excellent quality content. If you are using the services of this company, you should not expect a grade. They offer an average quality to help you pass. If you want excellent essays, you should rely on some other service that gives a money-back guarantee if not achieve a perfect grade. There are no international numbers. The person who is using their services outside the United States has to spend many dollars to call the company.

Is Wiseessays Legit?

WiseEssays.com is one of the popular essay writing services that you can find through a simple Google search. The team of the company includes academic experts, college students, bloggers educators, and education enthusiasts. The website has been in operation for the past nine years and has helped thousands of students do their academic assignments and learn new subjects and topics.


Is Wiseessays a Scam?

WiseEssays cannot be called a scam as it offers genuine and plagiarism-free high school essays and tips on assignments, at a cost. It is a well-established website that is helping students for almost a decade now.

Is Wiseessays Safe?

WiseEssaya is entirely safe to use. You can make the payments online itself as the website offers SSL (secure socket layer encryption) technology for making secure payments. The cost of this service is approximately $ 14.95 on average. It offers course work, essays, term papers, and other kinds of academic solutions. The website cannot be called overpriced when you consider the prices of the competition.

Is Wiseessays Fraud?

WiseEssays offers a variety of services including essays, coursework, research paper writing, articles, term papers, case studies, book reviews, and annotated bibliography. It offers plagiarism-free content and has a short turnaround time as well. The website is supported by academic experts, tutors, and other staff who have good experience in handling assignments.

Is Wiseessays Reliable?

WiseEssays offers you a variety of guarantees, apart from offering you unique and general academic content and solutions. It has a revision policy that students can use when they want to further improve the assignments and solutions they receive from the company. Students can submit the free revision request for a paper that they think is poorly written. The company also offers a money-back guarantee, where you can get all your money back if you are not provided the right solution. The company also assures you of plagiarism-free content and has the guarantees for that as well.

WiseEssays review conclusion

WiseEssays is one of the leading essay and academic paper writing websites. The support staff of the company is friendly and provides instant help on all kinds of students’ issues related to the service. The prices at which the solutions and research papers are available are also reasonable. When you want content on a diverse and wide range of topics and subjects, you can choose WiseEssays. It is a reliable and legitimate website and academic service that offers you guarantees including a no-plagiarism guarantee and money-back guarantee.

We can conclude that Wise Essays is an average quality essay writing service as you can get average quality content on time at an affordable rate. You should not expect high grades using their services.

  1. Not a long time ago, I had no time to write an essay on my own, so I decided to use WiseEssays service. The essay I got was fine. However, there was a teeny tiny problem where their writer forgot to write a small part about the bibliography. I had to wait for a day for them to get the info together and write it for me.

  2. Perhaps one of the most reliable essay writing companies I have had worked with. Their writing service always meets my expectations. Sometimes, I think they could have done better. All in all, the potential is there.

  3. I paid for a paper because I was time-crunched. I was annoyed by seeing random typos like ‘;:(). But the quality of paper for that price was acceptable.

  4. Not bad at all. Although they promised to get me an A, I got a B. Anyhow, I was happy with the outcome – I got my paper on time and without any mistakes. Also, It is hard to hit the jackpot and get a talented writer.

  5. Students looking forward to beating deadlines can turn to wiseessays. The platform is developed to help students beat deadlines. Students who want help when writing their papers can turn to essay writing services. The service is dedicated to making it easy for students to get quick academic help. They charge fair fees for their essay writing services.

  6. Wiseessays.com review reveals that the company offers great services. They have a team of writers who are highly experienced. The writers are ready to tackle any essay writing services and ensure the paper is delivered on time. Students sometimes have to struggle to beat deadlines. They can easily beat the deadlines if they can get help from essay writers. The writers adhere to the instructions to ensure they deliver high-quality papers. They are dedicated to making it easy for writers to get the best deals. Writers interested in getting high-quality papers can always turn to essay writers.

  7. The sign-up process is easy. They only need an email address and a few details about you to start the academic help. People take academic help due to different reasons. The academic writers come up with the right papers on time. They are known to work round the clock and ensure they avail the right academic writing services. Those looking forward to getting their papers written within a short period can turn to the company. They are known to be very fast when working on academic papers.

  8. The academic writing services offered at the company adhere to the highest quality standards. They proofread the papers to ensure the academic style and the common grammatical errors are removed. The essay writing service delivers the best services for writers. Those interested in getting the right services can count on essay writers. They are dedicated to making writers get the right results. From the different steps that the writers take, there are high chances they will deliver the best results that meet the needs of students in a hurry to beat deadlines.

  9. From wiseessays reviews, it is clear the company is dedicated to making students happy. Students will be assured of high grades after they use the writing services. They deliver plagiarism-free papers that will make the professors happy.

  10. Fill out their order form, and they will swing into action to deliver the right papers. They are experts in writing different types of papers. Those interested in getting high-quality papers can work with them at any time.

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