DoMyEssay Review 2023 Rating 9.4/10 Quality, Prices, and Services is a website that claims to deliver “instant help with papers,” according to the home page of the service. We’ve set out to assess the level of workers (writers and support operators), main and additional services, deadlines, prices, and guarantees that are offered.
Aside from looking for the reviews by users and researching, we’ll engage with this company ourselves. Specifically, we’ll order a two-page paper with a deadline of 24 hours to see how well the entire system works. The principal criteria will be their expected timely manner and quality of the writing style.
All these observations will enable us to give this organization a fair rating and a verdict that says if it is legit or a scam.


DoMyEssay reviews show the quality of services

Before ordering, we went to look at what other people say, as many internet users do. It turned out that DoMyEssay offers much more than generic “help with papers,” although that’s certainly the main goal of the service. Some students get editing, proofreading, or rewriting of the ready texts. Such diversity is really useful, as is the blog section that facilitates the writing process for the users who can’t pay for full professional support.

Notably, DoMyEssay has a 4.9 rating on both Sitejabber and ResellerRatings, with at least 100 reviews. This is the legit data presented on their main page, which proves that this service has something to be proud of. Besides, there are multiple reviews from customers, and the new ones get posted regularly. They show that most students are satisfied, and they find time to leave brief but exhaustive comments like “good job.” When people want to share their positive impressions, it’s a really nice sign because it shows that their expectations were most likely exceeded.

This feedback might be partially explainable by the variety of paper types that DoMyEssay experts can accomplish. It’s almost anything, from case studies to admission essays to creative writing. Even a mathematical problem or equation can get a professional solution there. Still, it’s important to check if the service is really as good as it claims to be, so we proceeded to order from it.

domyessay review

Experience with the DoMyEssay specialists

The main employee categories include writers and support operators, who are also essential in delivering you the best paper possible. Are they only good enough to write an average paper and offer some promo code or can users actually rely on them? Let’s see.

Support operators

We called the DoMyEssay support team to find out if they can help confused customers. The answers we got were pretty impressive in that they really provided every detail about the ordering process and elucidated what was unclear. In addition, the operator was quite patient, answering even the most obvious or repetitive questions. We went even further and called them once more, but at night, since the organization claims the support team works around the clock. It took them longer to answer, but otherwise, the results were the same.


They are at the core of any paper writing service, and DoMyEssay appears to understand that. This site provides key information about each writer, like their success rate, degree, and competencies. That data certainly helped us feel more secure while ordering the first essay.

The paper we’ve got was impressive, fulfilling all the requirements. It was so good partially because the expert clarified almost any detail with us, leaving nothing to chance. Besides, the work was done at least 5 hours before the deadline, so we could have requested a revision if something was wrong and still be on time.

Do My Essay review: Deadlines and guarantees

It’s actually pretty hard to find out whether the systems like DoMyEssay work properly from the comments on Reddit or Facebook, so we’ve studied and tested it as much as we could. Let’s see what we know for sure now.

The first important thing we’ve found out about the deadlines is that prices depend on them. This means that long deadlines let you economize. Luckily, the site gives you the possibility to calculate how much you’ll spend. It’s just better to know about such a thing in advance to order as early as possible.

DoMyEssay also offers a money-back guarantee and a free revision if the instructions aren’t followed. Judging by the comments from users, these work very well, although not many people need to actually call for such measures. This information confirms that DoMyEssay delivers quality papers most of the time.

Like many other companies, this one also promises you privacy and plagiarism-free papers. We didn’t find any violations of data usage laws by this site, and we’ve also run the essay we’ve received through three different plagiarism checkers. None of them detected any stolen intellectual property, and all quotations were properly formatted.

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Good and bad things about DoMyEssay

Like any other site, this one has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it’s fair to say has its fair share of negative sides which, however, hardly tarnish the positive moments. Let’s look at all that in order.

DoMyEssay pros

  • Speed and quality combination. We’ve experienced good work that came before the due time. If we wanted a revision, there’d still be some of that deadline left to complete it. It’s the main thing about such services, so the benefit is clear.
  • They really follow all instructions. Everything gets clarified and fulfilled, so there’s usually no need to worry. The possibility to request multiple free revisions is a safeguard for this principle.
  • You can get a coupon if you invite a friend. That’s an option that can be a nice way to economize and refer your pal so they get a bonus too. However, you need to have at least one order finished for that to work.

DoMyEssay cons

  • Writers can ask many questions. While that’s a good thing, some users might get a little annoyed. Still, what’s important is a quality result, so it’s better to stay patient.

The support team replies slower in certain hours. At night, those operators can need more time, but that’s understandable considering that they get a workload from across the globe. Once again, patience will be the best option here.


Additional Features of DoMyEssay

Aside from everything described above, DoMyEssay has a bunch of add-ons that can make your experience even better. We’ve ordered two of them to see how that works.

Smart paper was the first one. This is a service that gets you the comments from the expert you’ve hired. We’ve received the explanations to everything, including the hook, thesis statement, each topic sentence, and every bit of conclusion. It seems especially useful for the learners who are going to use the ordered paper as a sample.

The second add-on was the copy of sources, which is great if your task asks to cite scientific articles and books. We’ve got all the works cited in the form of links to full texts. We could check whether the paraphrases were accurate and whether the essay had correct page numbers for each quote.

There are additional discounts you can use, it’s just important to read the site updates carefully. While that’s a small thing, it’s really important when you need the paper immediately, because, as you remember, the shorter the deadline, the higher the price.

Is DoMyEssay legit? Our final verdict

This is the central question for the entire review, the one we set out to answer from the start. After considering all the key factors, it’s clear that is a perfectly legitimate paper writing services. The prices aren’t too steep, and multiple sources confirm that the quality is always decent. Besides, there’s a vast variety of writer categories and academic levels to choose from, ensuring that you get the customized paper you actually need.

The support team is mostly responsive, helping you deal with any difficulties and questions that arise, so you won’t be left with uncertainty in any scenario. Those guys work around the clock, too. Therefore, the final verdict for this service is clear—some things might be improved, but it surely isn’t a scam! The rating it gets is 9 out of 10 because the service really lives up to most expectations.


  1. For this DoMyEssay review, I could justifiably say that for the help with the papers of students like me, this service does more than just offer generic tasks.

  2. You should try to visit site of DoMyEssay too. If it got a high 4.9 rating for both Reseller Ratings and Sitejabber, it must be doing something excellent that catches the attention of students and whoever will be needing help with their papers. I for one, is impressed.

  3. As for their customer support team, DoMyEssay does a pretty good job. I was confused at first, but the person who handled my queries provided excellent detail about the ordering process and was quite patient with my long litany of questions, even if some were repetitive, I admit.

  4. We students also get to enjoy proofreading, editing and rewriting services as added bonuses for what we pay for. This is very timely for us because we can’t afford full professional services by ourselves.

  5. This website is a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch and need some last-minute help with your homework or college essays. Domyessay review is usually on top of what’s happening in the world today, which is a huge bonus for me because I love staying up-to-date.

  6. My professor noticed what a significant improvement my writing was due to the last essay that I used this site for.

  7. If you’re in the same boat as me and searching for a place to order your homework or college essays from, then this site is 100% legit!

  8. The customer service at Domyessay is great and they always answer any questions that you might have quickly and professionally. You’re not wasting time talking to someone who doesn’t really care about your problem; they are seriously dedicated to helping their customers succeed in every way possible!

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