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EssayEdge is not a common writing service. First of all, it offers editing and proofreading services instead of writing from scratch which makes it 100% legit and allowed by most of educational institutions. Another peculiarity is that it provides only limited kinds of assistance, namely, it helps with application essays, personal statements, and cover letters. And the most important distinctiveness of the site is that it’s extremely expensive and won’t fit the budget of an ordinary student.

essayedge review

EssayEdge has a high rating on independent platforms, like Trustpilot. We’ve noticed, though, that the numbers are different on the EsasyEdge, where the rating is 4.9 out of 5, and the Trustpilot website, where it’s still high but is only 4.7 out of 5. We hope that this is because EssayEdge has an old version of the website and they will fix it in the nearest future. 91% of the reviews state that the this legit writing service is excellent. Well, it’s time for us to make sure ourselves.

What services does EssayEdge provide?

The platform offers four main types of assistance.

With the Proofreading service, you can get help with your finished paper. Your editor will work on your grammar, structure, and stylistic flaws in your piece of writing.

The Standard editing presumes that you have a half-finished essay that has to be edited and complemented. The turnaround of this service composes 48 hours.

There is also an All in one editing of multiple documents that should be coherent. With this option, you can upload three or more documents and get both the editing and some recommendations on how to make them more suitable for your specific purpose.
Premier assistance is more about writing your application paper from scratch. If you order this service, your writer will contact you to find out more about your background, skills, and goals, and to provide you with a fully-personalized piece of writing.

Our EssayEdge review

As the services the company provides are quite expensive, we’ve waited until Black Friday so we could get a 15% discount. The website also offers a special 10% coupon for students if you can prove that you’re the one. With a discount, the price was a little more bearable, so we’ve ordered the proofreading service and the standard essay editing. We have never spent so much money on the writing website, but on the other hand, we have never received so much personalized attention to our needs!


The proofreading of a 1,000-words application essay costs us $99. We have cooperated with proofreaders before and, as a rule, their help would cost about ten times less! We received excellent service, that’s true, and along with eliminating all the grammatical errors, our helper made some suggestions on the style, vocabulary, and even structuring of the essay, but we can’t say for sure if this assistance can really cost 100 bucks.

Professional assistance with a half-written essay has cost us $149 for a 600-words piece of writing. We asked the service to help us with the law school application letter and the result amazed us. The online helper has not only edited the document we have uploaded, but he has also contacted us to get more details on the paper and came up with a brilliantly-written essay that would definitely help us to get to the course if we were really about to apply.

If we would forget about the prices for once and focus on the quality of EssayEdge services, we would give it a straight 5! The service is 100% legal and takes every order seriously.

How much does the assistance of cost?

We haven’t found any money-back guarantees on their website, but according to the reviews, EssayEdge really cares about its reputation and provides refunds when it did something wrong. The price of your order depends on the service you choose, the deadline you set, and the number of words you have in your essay. What we didn’t like is that the website doesn’t provide an easy-to-use calculator so we could try out various instructions. This makes their pricing less flexible, as you can find out the final price of your order only when you’re in the order form and have already spent several minutes on filing it in.


Essay Edge proofreading

Although quite expensive, this service is totally not a scam. The cost for proofreading starts from $69 for a 600-words paper that will be delivered to you within 48 hours. The more words you have in your piece of writing, the higher your price will be. For example, a piece of 2,400 words will cost you $159.
Standard editing

The prices for editing a half-finished essay start at $149. Your paper will be delivered within 48 hours, with all the editing and recommendations on your style, structure, and vocabulary included. An essay of 2,400 words will cost you $279.

All in one editing

This is the best choice for large packs of documents. The bunch of documents you need to be written in one style can cost you starting from $229 and up to $519 for packs of essays that contain 4,800 words. The turnaround time for this service is seven days.

Premier editing

The only option that will suit you if you haven’t started working on your essay yet will cost you $379 for a 600-word piece of writing and $529 for 2,400 words.

Is EssayEdge safe?

In terms of EssayEdge reviews, we are very pleased to indicate that EssayEdge is indeed safe to use and you will be glad to realize that the company has a great privacy policy that adds to the safety of this site. That is the reason why you will like using this site for its top essay services. Thus, many students trust this company that charges prices that are affordable for the writing services. You will have an awesome experience with this site that is truly designed to be safe for all clients who require essays. You will always receive the exact number of pages for your essays and you will have access to trustworthy customer support at all times, which contributes to ensuring that this site remains safe for clients to use when they are in need of writing help with their essays.


Is EssayEdge a fraud?

You will not experience fraud with EssayEdge as a result of this company offering strong writing service for essays that achieve high grades for most students. This company hires only the best writers and charges fair prices for all the writing of the essays that it does for its clients. Therefore, you can rest assured that this is a reputable essay company that offers top essay services for students who need help with their essays.

Is EssayEdge reliable?

When you decide to use EssayEdge for your various essay writing needs, you will be happy to deal with this highly reliable essay company. It operates with a spirit of helpfulness and answers all the questions that you may have. You will always receive the correct number of essays that you order with this company. The writers perform top-class writing that you can be proud of. Also, you will always receive all your essays on time, which offers a real piece of mind to you with the assurance that you will not be late turning in your essays to your professors.


Is EssayEdge legit?

While the writing is average, buyers should definitely still consider EssayEdge. It is one of the writing services out there that is fast, reliable and is safe to use without the risk of customers’ information or money being stolen throughout the purchase process, or afterward. There are far worse choices out there to choose.

All in all, the website fully corresponds to the academic integrity principles, provides high-quality services, but it’s extreeeeemely expensive.

  1. The proofreading service helped me perfect my essay, but I feel that the 48-hour turnaround time is too high for the price. The editor was very detailed, taught me how to express myself better, and was very pleasant, so I have no complaints there.

  2. Two phone conversations and two revisions from the premier package are more than enough to get a virtually flawless essay. However, you have to keep in mind that it takes 14 days for it to be completely finished, which can be a problem if you’re in a rush.

  3. Since I’ve started applying for jobs, I chose to enhance my CV with the Standard service. The 24-hour rush option set me back a whopping $60, but I noticed a significant improvement and more responses from companies as a result.

  4. The all-in-one package was a perfect choice for my college application. Documents retain the same tone throughout each one, and you’re able to communicate with the editor via e-mail. You still have to do most of the work yourself, but it’s much easier with a guide.

  5. This review of EssayEdge was incredibly helpful and gave me a great overview of the company! Highly recommend reading it before making a decision.

  6. This is a great resource for anyone considering using EssayEdge for their essay writing needs. The review was very detailed and informative!

  7. I’m so glad I came across this review of EssayEdge. It was very thorough and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision about using their services.

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