BestEssays Review Rating: 6.7/10 Is this Service Really Worth Your Money?


Looking for the right place to buy an essay online, you can’t get past BestEssays. The company promises only top-quality papers written exclusively by professionals. They also charge an average price and give some discounts and free features for students. So, is BestEssays really worthy to pay your money to? We’ll figure it out right away in our review.

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BestEssays review: what a student can get from this company

As the website name says, the company specializes in essays for high school, college, and university students. However, these writers also offer assignments for master’s and PhD-level students, such as theses, dissertations, research projects, or coursework. Learn more about services from best dissertation writing service review and choose your favorite writers.
According to the website and multiple reviews found online, you can actually rely on BestEssays when you need an original piece of writing finished by someone who’s into your topic. Sometimes you may need a person who knows your subject well and who doesn’t need to spend hours merely doing research. If this is your case, pay attention to

To be more precise, the company works with more than 500 writers who have proven their knowledge in many subjects. The service will usually choose a writer for you, but in some cases, you can request a particular specialist if you’ve already bought papers from them before.


As for guarantees, promises to provide exclusively original papers. The service claims to deliver their papers on time, a statement that is partially supported in various online reviews. That’s practically it, as the website doesn’t say anything about free revisions, money-back options, or other features that allow you to feel secure when paying for some online services. We’d say such features are extremely important to any business, but to be honest, we didn’t find many unsatisfactory reviews of this company on the web.

BestEssays as a veteran of academic writing

Speaking about the strong points of this company, we must admit it’s a legit website that has been finishing students’ essays for more than two decades so far. Imagine this, started back in 1997, and the service still remains in business. They complete about 300 orders every day and promise to deliver your paper on time. Multiple reviews confirm that the website is not a scam, and students sound quite happy about getting their essays done here.

The good thing about using services that have been for a long time in the market is that these websites cherish their reputation. They put more effort into keeping their customers satisfied and resolving any difficulties that arise. Namely, support operators of work round-the-clock, and you can rely on their answers at any time of day or night. In general, the service leaves quite a pleasant impression. However, we also need to mention the not-so-good qualities of this company to stay unbiased.

What can go wrong when you’re using

While no essay writing company would list their weak points on the web, customers will definitely do that in their testimonials. More than one BestEssays review says that the quality of writing is not as high as students want, and if you don’t like the paper, you will need to pay for a revision anyway. The company does not mention anything about a money-back guarantee, which means that buying essays here can be a risk. Also, there can be trouble with delivery. Some orders come past the deadline, which can entirely spoil your customer experience. In addition, some students reported failed payments that made people wait for their order to be done while the website didn’t even start working on them.

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What about prices on this website?

The cost of the paper you can purchase from BestEssays is rather average. As a legal custom writing service, they can’t put overly low prices for academic assistance. Still, you will pay about $20 for 1 page of college essay with a 10-days deadline, which is not too much. Speaking of prices, the website offers you lifetime discounts of 5% to 15% depending on how many pages you’ve already purchased from them. To encourage you to place your first order, the company gives a 15% discount to all new customers. However, the discount applies only to orders of more than $50.


The bottom line

Taking into account our own opinion as well as other reviews about this website, we would give BestEssays a rating of 3.8 out of 5. The company provides a wide range of services and stays constantly online, which is enough to cover any of your academic writing needs when they arise. On the downside, BestEssays lacks certain guarantees and their services are not exactly cheap. Their discounts apply mainly to students who buy large assignments or a lot of small papers. We come to the conclusion that the service is good but not the best as they claim.


Is Bestessays Legit?

Many people think that is not legit because of its high prices. However, this essay writing service is reliable and safe. Their writers are professional essay writers who will help you with your writing needs. You have to tell them what you want to see in your essay, and they will write it with your point of view in mind so that their essays would look like you spent a lot of time researching and writing it. They can deliver spectacularly, much to the happiness of their customers.

Is Bestessays a Scam?

Some people might think this is a scam, given how high their prices are for each essay. However, BestEssays is not a scam. They are a legitimate essay writing service that employs professional essay writers who can pen the best essays you need for your school requirements. In addition, they also have a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the essay they wrote for you. This happens quite rarely, though, since many people are very satisfied with the essays they receive from this service.

Is Bestessays Reliable?

Yes, it is indeed reliable, especially for students who are pressed for time but do not want to compromise the quality of their essays. They can whip up an essay for you in no time, and you can be sure that it will be a well-written essay that will impress your professor. This essay writing service can help you meet your essay deadlines without worrying about the quality of your essay. It is also reliable because their essays would fool your professors into thinking that you spent sleepless nights writing the essay you have submitted to them for your school requirements. Many people have been vouching for their reliability through the years, and they never disappoint.

Is Bestessays Safe?

Yes, this site is safe to use. They dispose of your personal information once they are done using it for your essays, and they never recycle your personal information or make it available to third parties. You do not have to worry about your personal information being compromised when you use this essay writing service. They make sure that your personal information is well-protected. In addition, they also have a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the essay they wrote for you. Not everyone claims their money-back guarantee because they are very happy with the results they received for their essays.

What Is Bestessays’ Rating?

Of course, has the best ratings out of all essay writing service providers on the Internet. This is because of their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They always deliver on time, and they never compromise the quality of their essays. Many people have been vouching for their quality through the years, and they continue to be one of the best essay writing service providers in the market today. Their professional essay writers have never failed to disappoint any of their clients, whether their regulars or new ones. They always ensure that they deliver, and they never disappoint. They won’t have lasted long if they are not one of the best.

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