Is Study Bay Legit? Check This Review And Make Your Call [Rating: 6.3/10]

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As far as academic writing goes, it’s never easy to properly cover most topics at such a high level of education. This is why essay-writing services such as those offered by Study Bay are growing in popularity. But students should be aware that there are many shortcuts taken by the platform and how it works. Is Study Bay legit? There are many reasons why it’s not, poorly-written content being one of them. works in a similar way to other essay-writing services. Clients describe their tasks and wait for writers to bid on the job. Clients then choose the writer which offers the most value and await the final results. While the process sounds straightforward, it is not backed by quality work.

is study bay legit

Wiring Services They Offer

Study Bay is the cheapest service of its kind on the market. It’s no wonder that student forums are filled with questions, doubts, and legitimacy suppositions on the service. However, still offers term papers, essays, research papers, dissertations, and even creative writing services.

Among the self-proclaimed values of the service, free revisions and plagiarism-free content are mentioned first. But this is not the case as many clients find out some writers are unwilling to make even a single revision. Work as comprehensive as a research paper needs multiple revisions. It is disheartening for students to find out they have to look for another writer to make the revisions, or even worst, to complete start over with the research paper.


Prices used to be hidden on Study Bay. This is why some of the earlier posts on ‘is Studybay legit’ were actually started based on this major minus. However, legit writing services share its prices. The problem is that these prices are the lowest many have seen. Is study bay legit with these low prices? It’s highly unlikely to expect an inspired creative writing page for just $3, which is what many writers charge.

Studybay is registered in Malta, which is not a good sign. The country is often used as a scapegoat to evade taxes. Writers are rarely native English speakers as well. Many clients recall talking to writers from countries such as Kenya or India, which is not what they expect for the quality needed in academia.

Quality of Papers

All of these shortcomings would be reduced in importance if the quality of the papers would be great. But this is far from the truth. Is legit? Not for the quality of its results. One customer even recalls a deeper discussion with a writer regarding payment terms. While the writer received $7 for a research paper, the platform actually charged $15. This means that half of the payment plus debit card charges were applied to the customer’s order.

is studybay legit

Another problem comes with the final price of each order. While customers expect to pay one amount for each job, they actually end up paying more as payment-processing fees are added on the checkout page. These practices are still being used today, but they don’t equate to the highest transparency needed for top customer support.

Studybay is far from being legit

If essay quality is bad, is study bay legit in any other area? It seems the service is not legit even with its marketing tactics. An ever-growing number of satellite websites keep popping up and clients are starting to lose trust in them. One of these websites is called Apessay and it looks like a different webpage only to redirect customers to
Such marketing techniques needed to be buried in the ’90s and the lack of trust they bring with them create never-ending legitimacy debates. At the moment, the risks are high for the service’s customer, especially since there’s no rush in the work being delivered. Customers have yet to see a paper delivered within a day.

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