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Time is better than gold for many of us. When you consider delegating your homework to professional writers, there are a number of details to keep in mind. Is the service legitimate? Are the writers proficient? Will they deliver my paper on time? With those concerns in mind, we have found a legit essay writing service that meets our expectations in academic assistance. Writing-help.com is a trustworthy and easy-to-use website that completes all kinds of college papers a student might need. Keep on reading our review and see why this website is so good. Obviously, no academic help company is perfect, but writing-help.com is close 🙂

Prices at Writing-Help

A single page of a college essay with a two-week deadline will cost $14, which we find quite fair. Some websites can do the job cheaper, but the quality is of concern. However, at Writing-Help.com, you pay for a fine paper written by a specialist according to your instructions. Understand, though, that when you purchase several pages of an essay from a complex discipline or if you choose a deadline that is between 4-8 hours, the cost will increase significantly. However, you can order your assignment in advance and pay a reasonable price for excellent writing.


Customer support

We placed a few orders before completing this Writing-Help review and found that you do not need much communication with support operators on this website. Because the writers will contact you when something about your paper seems unclear, you can easily cooperate with your specialist without involving support. Still, we contacted assistant operators on this website and learned that they answer quickly and politely. If something is unclear about your order, you do not have to worry. Just contact your writer directly or ask support operators to help you use the live chat feature. There is always someone online to answer your questions.

Services Writing-Help.com provides

This website offers an extensive range of college papers. From application essays and book reviews to term papers and capstone projects, writing-help specialists can complete any assignment you need. This website offers help on 4 academic levels: high school, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. All college disciplines seem to be presented in the list as well. To put it briefly, if you need a paper for school or college, you can always buy it here.

writing-help review

The writers complete your assignment from scratch and check it for plagiarism. Moreover, you can request the writer’s explanation of your assignment (which is called a smart paper), copies of sources cited, or an advanced writer to complete your paper.

What about free features and discounts?

As most Writing-Help.com reviews state, this website provides a title page and bibliography for your paper without charge. Also, you do not have to pay for a plagiarism check for your paper. In some cases, you can request a free revision. If the writer has misunderstood your instructions, the service will not charge you for editing your paper.
There are no lifetime discounts on this writing-help website, but every now and then it offers coupons to make your next paper cheaper.

Orders we placed: expectations vs reality

We placed three orders from various disciplines and academic levels. We bought both a basic paper and an essay with all the additional options. We tried super-fast delivery within four hours, and we gave writing-help’s writers two weeks to impress us. See what we got.

Undergraduate research paper on physics with a 3-day deadline

This was the hardest assignment writing-help.com received from us. The order form said that it would cost us an extra 20% of the basic price as the discipline was complex. To make things even more demanding, we were as unclear as possible when describing the task. The first thing we liked was that the writer contacted us immediately after being assigned to complete the paper, and he asked for more details on the topic.

Then the first version of the paper followed. It was ready in two days, as our writer wanted to meet the deadline even at the risk that we might not be pleased about every aspect of the paper. However, there were no flaws. The paper was perfect, including the title, the five pages of formulae and calculus, and the bibliography. Additionally, the citation format was met, and the vocabulary and writing style was good.

The results were well above our expectations.

Basic application essay with a 4-hour deadline

This paper was delivered in three hours. A total of 550 words cost us $72, but the essay was worth every penny. We presented a very precise task with many details and demands to be taken into consideration, like a stipulated vocabulary and specific sources that had to be used.

When we had a more thorough look, we noticed several orthographic mistakes and one case of pronoun misuse. We asked for a revision, which was completed in 30 minutes. Still, in reality, we received much more than we expected.

High school essay on history with a 2-week deadline

For this paper, we bought all the additional options that were applicable to this order. We hired an ENL writer (and paid +30% to the base price), bought a copy of the sources ($14.95), and ordered a smart paper option (+20% to the base price). In the end, we paid $105 for 1600 words, which was the only thing we didn’t like. When compared to the basic options we used for the two previous orders, we can’t say that this one had some significant differences.

When we asked the writer to make the vocabulary more polished and scholarly, he noted that the instructions stated that the paper was for college and asked if we would like to increase the academic level. That was smart and reasonable, though students who want to decrease their price in that manner won’t like it 🙂
The smart paper was a three-page document with additional details on the topic that didn’t fit the essay and answers to questions we had asked the writer. This seems to be an excellent tool to improve knowledge in any discipline one orders.
The copy of sources was a folder with pdf files and links to books and articles the writer used to compose the paper. They were prioritized and were quite interesting to dig into.

Nick’s experience with Writing-help.com

“I have a lot of experience dealing with academic writing companies. I always ask for help with my humanities paper writing while at the same time helping students with math since high school. This is why I know what to look for when it comes to ordering papers myself and I’m quite a picky and demanding client.
According to my experience, Writing-help.com is the best essay writing service there is online. First of all, is the support team: people there really want to help you! I asked them tons of questions and they answered all of them clearly and in a friendly manner. Another thing I found amazing was that the writers ask you questions only when they are first assigned to your paper. After that, there is no need to control them in any way. All you have to do is carefully review the paper delivered to you. If you find any mistakes in your writing, you can ask this essay writing service to edit your paper. Thankfully, I only had to apply for a free revision once, and after that, the final version of my paper was perfect.
When it comes to academic writing, you have to be sure about the website’s privacy policy, and writing-help.com applies it well, guaranteeing confidentiality to its clients.
What I enjoy the most about the paper writing from this company is that they are very quick and always deliver my orders before the deadline, even if there are only given 8 hours for an 8-pages paper.
I love them, and will continue using their help until I graduate!”
Nick, Management undergraduate

What’s in total?

  • Quality of papers: 10/10
  • Timely delivery: 10/10
  • Support team: 10/10
  • Prices and discounts: 9/10
  • The total impression of the service: 9.75/10

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  4. The turn-around time for my essay was very quick, and I received a high-quality product. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the service from Legitimate Essay Writing! They are professional, quick, and very affordable.

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