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Want to Know More About Legit Essay Writing Services?

We can almost hear you thinking:

“Why should I pay attention to all those legit essay writing services at all? Aren’t they unethical and, basically, illegal to use?”

Well, not really.

Even if controversial, legit essay writing sites are in high demand among students and marketers who work with web content. The former struggle with tons of academic assignments to complete in the space of a few days; the latter needs tons of articles, blog posts, reviews, and sales copies to publish at online mediums. And when you are in a rush, deadlines breathe down your neck, and you have no skills or resources to save you, asking for help from custom writers doesn’t seem evil anymore, right?

legit essay writing services

But here comes the problem:

It’s not that easy to find a legit essay writing service. There are dozens of identical websites online, and all they promise to write high-quality essays and save your time, nerves, and money. But in fact, they copy papers online or scribble those texts quick-and-dirty.

What to do? How to not get scammed and know that you choose a trustworthy service?

Why Students Need Legitimate Essay Writing Services

Legit essay services are not as many as you expect, and that is why our website is here. Our mission is to help you understand who is who on this market.

We check and test their services inside out, and then share the detailed reviews on our website for you to compare, consider all the pros and cons, and eventually choose the best essay service that fits your needs most.

Over the years of work, we’ve defined the top five reasons why students are ready to pay for essays and are in search of a reputable custom writing resource:

  1. They need a high grade to pass exams or finish the course, but they don’t understand the assigned task and are afraid of failing it.
  2. They can’t write essays. Sad but true: no matter how interesting the subject or topics may be, a student doesn’t understand how to structure it like a boss and meet all requirements.
  3. They have tons of other assignments to complete, so they just don’t have time to meet the deadline. So they ask others for help.
  4. They are lazy. Yes, s**t happens. They procrastinate, don’t want to write those boring papers, so they’d be happy to pay for it.
  5. They’ve got cheated by a dirty writing service in the past, so they are looking for a legit one now.

legitimate essay writing service

And before you ask, “Are those websites you review here worth my time and trust?” make sure you understand the risks of working with them:

Your reputation

As far as we all know, the academic world has a strict policy toward essay writing services. Educational institutions work together to find new ways of disclosing such companies, and they severely punish students who order papers from such services: if caught and disclosed, these students say goodbye to college and diploma. Expulsion is the official punishment for those submitting a purchased essay.

So, if you are ready to risk and order writings from custom services, make sure you work with a legit one. This company should guarantee they’ll follow your instructions and style when crafting a plagiarism-free essay for you.

Your writing skills

Believe it or not, college professors perfectly know your skills and writing style. For example, if you are an ESL student who didn’t know anything about MLA and got C’s for essays yesterday, and today you submit a brilliant paper that’s worth A+ all of a sudden – it looks suspicious, don’t you agree?

A legit writing service will keep in mind your knowledge and skills when writing an essay for you. It doesn’t mean this paper will be of a low quality. It means they will follow your writing manner to look natural for your teachers; otherwise, they’ll see something wrong here and accuse you of plagiarism. They’ll hardly believe that you’ve suddenly become a guru of essay writing.

Are Essay Writing Services Legit? Find Out Here

“How do I know this is a real essay writing service?” you ask.

Here go the list of features for you to consider when surfing their website and evaluating if they are professional enough to deal with.

are essay writing services legit

  • Website design and the quality of content there. Is it well-designed? Do they invest effort and resources into it? Is it user-friendly and easy to use? How do they describe their mission and services? If poorly written, big chances are they’ll write the papers of the same quality for you.
  • Writing services offered and the clarity of the order process. Do they write papers on different degrees? Do they provide free revisions and editing services? Can they meet urgent deadlines from you? Any bonuses here: free bibliography, title page, etc.?
  • Writers and customer support. Who are their writers? Are there any proofs they work with the professionals? And what about customer service: availability, speed of response, communication channels, ability to solve payment as well as misunderstanding issues?
  • Papers quality and prices. Any bonus or discounts here? What about paper samples for you to see how they write? Do they guarantee a 100% plagiarism-free essay, written from scratch and following your instructions?
  • Confidentiality and guarantees. How do they protect your confidential info? What about a money-back guarantee?

Here at LegitimateEssayWriting.com, we check every service for all the above. Only the websites conforming to all those parameters can compete for high ranks among the most legit writing services.

What We Do to Create Best Reviews of Essay Writing Services

We have a systematic approach to the review. Besides the aforementioned criteria such as a company’s services and guarantees, their pricing and discount policy, and the quality of their customer service and delivered products, we also consider their online reputation:

  • What do they do to build awareness and trust?
  • What do customers say about them? (Testimonials at the website, comments at forums, feedback on review websites.)
  • How do they deal with negative comments, and how do they work with loyal clients?
  • Do they build a community on social media?

Yes, we know your pain points, and we are here to help you choose the most legit essay writing website.

Read our reviews, share your comments, rate your favorite (or hated) services, and weigh all the pros and pros before making your final choice.

Pick One of These Legit Paper Writing Services:

1Copycrafter.netRead a reviewVisit site

CopyCrafter is the best academic writing service for students who need research papers, term papers, and dissertations. By their definition, these papers require the most research and the highest due diligence. This is why not any essay service can offer such papers.

When it comes to unique points, there’s plenty to consider at CopyCrafter. For example, students rely on free revisions and money-back guarantees. Such options are not easily available and in many cases, students need to pay for revisions or they don’t have this option at all.

Uniqueness – Able to make complex assignments

2Writing-help.comRead a reviewVisit site

There’s nothing to beat experience and Writing-help customers know it. Since it’s the oldest company on the market, it also has the highest experience of them all. This is why students find so many positive reviews on their services and with such a solid background, the essays are already second nature to their writers.

But it’s not all about the probability of a good result with the company as students can rest assured they get tangible benefits such as free plagiarism check and free bibliography. This is why students get essays with improved credibility since the bibliography is already in focus at the company. As many students know, professors abide by their bibliography as a point of reference for the final essay mark.

Writing-help.com prides itself on offering quality texts with very specific formatting. This is why students may ask for styles such as APA, Harvard or Chicago styles with their essays. According to their high school, undergraduate or graduate needs, these styles serve the purpose and format the text in a way that is accepted by the professors.

Uniqueness – free bibliography page

3Bid4papers.comRead a reviewVisit site

As its name suggests, Bid4papers.com is a bidding service and it’s the best in its class. As a student, you post your project and essay writers start bidding on it. Once you have their offers, you can select the best writer for the job. Even more, you also have the freedom of freely communicating with the writer before assigning the job.

This bidding system has its merits in terms of originality and approach angle for any topic. If a writer sees a topic from one angle, another writer might approach the topic from another angle. This is why the company offers multiple ideas for the same essay before an order is placed. The privacy policy is respected in the meantime and these writers can’t communicate between them.

Uniqueness – anonymous auction system

4Rapidessay.comRead a reviewVisit site

With coursework, lab reports and assignment help, Rapidessay.com is a trusted source for many students. They abide by the company’s services based on the fast delivery time. Essays are delivered even within a few hours, which is a top characteristic of those late essays. Other types of services, like term paper writing, is top-notch as well.

Customer support is offered 24/7 at the company and students unsure about how things work can get a quick response even in the middle of the night. Most importantly, the company offers services such as paying in parts. This allows students to split the cost of their longer essays and get it from the writers according to milestones.

An interesting feature offered by Rapidessay.com is the free sample policy. You may ask for a small sample of text while the writer is working on the essay. This unique feature means you have control over the style or tone of the text as its being written.

Uniqueness – free text sample

5Cheapessaysonline.comRead a reviewVisit site

This college paper writing service is the cheapest, as its name suggests. But it’s not a bad service by any standard. Under the write my essay menu in the customer account, students can see that all writers are verified. This verification is based on writing a test text. The evaluation department at Cheapessayonline.com is the one responsible for the verification. It means that even if it’s the most affordable company offering custom writing, it’s still a reliable choice.

Apart from their internal verification process, writers are also scrutinized by their customer’s reviews. Students get to see what the writer has been doing so far and how their essays have been received by other customers in the past. The two-step writer scrutiny process means the service offers a transparent method of having essays ready on time. Its low price wouldn’t necessarily signal this to new students.

Uniqueness – verified writers by writing samples