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We’ve done a great job researching many different writing services and we can’t get enough of it. They are quite varied, but we have some candidates that definitely stand out.
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Hello there! My name is Melanie, and I am the founder of LegitimateEssayWriting. Our team checks, reviews, and rates academic writing services for you. So if you’re trying to find a reliable student help website, you’ve come to the right place.


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Legit Essay Writing Services: How to Find Websites That Deserve Your Attention

We can almost hear you thinking:

“Is there any strong reason for me to consider legit essay writing services?”

Well, not really.Despite many opinions on that account, top essay writing sites stay popular among students and
online advertisers. The former struggle with tons of academic assignments to complete in the space of a few days;
the latter needs tons of articles, blog posts, reviews, and sales copies to publish at online mediums. When you’re
pressed for time and don’t have the necessary resources to complete all of your work, using the services of
professional custom writers doesn’t sound bad at all.

But here comes the problem:

It’s not that easy to find a legit essay writing service. Plenty of online companies offer identical services as
they put high-quality essays and any other sorts of papers for sale. But in fact, they copy papers online or
scribble those texts quick-and-dirty.

What are the real features of a trustworthy service among writing companies?

Best essay writing services

Reasons Why Students Are Looking For Legitimate Essay Writing Services

Check out our guide that will help you choose the best legit essay services for buying some papers to fix your
homework issues.

We check and test their services inside out, and then share the detailed reviews on our website for you to compare,
consider all the pros and cons, and eventually choose the best essay service that fits your needs most.

Over the years of work, we’ve defined the top five reasons why students are ready to pay for essays and are in search of a reputable writing resource:

  1. They need a high grade to pass exams or finish the course, but they don’t understand the assigned task and are
    afraid of failing it.
  2. They can’t write essays. It goes like this: a student doesn’t know how to meet the teacher’s instructions and
    how to format their paper even if the topic is interesting.
  3. They have tons of other assignments to complete, so they just don’t have time to meet the deadline. So they ask
    others for help.
  4. They are lazy. Yes, s**t happens. They procrastinate, don’t want to write those boring papers, so they’d be
    happy to pay for it.
  5. They’ve been using an unreliable writing service before, but now they’d like to get assistance from a legit
legit essay writing services

And before you ask, “Are those websites you review here worth my time and trust?” make sure you understand the
risks of working with them:

Your reputation

Mentors and professors stand against writing companies, moreover, they prohibit buying and replacing students’
essays with the custom-written ones. Colleges and universities are doing everything possible to check all academic
papers for plagiarism and detect their origin. When they detect people submitting essays written by someone else,
the institutions can even expel the guilty ones. In any way, there is no good about turning in an essay you’ve
purchased from someone.

So, if you are ready to risk and order writings from custom services, like top dissertation writing
, make sure you work with a legit one. Entrust your paper only to the company that guarantees to
provide a plagiarism-free essay and meet your demands to this paper.

Your writing skills

Each of your teachers knows your level in their subject and writing style. For example, if you are an ESL student
who didn’t know anything about MLA and got C’s for essays yesterday, and today you submit a brilliant paper that’s
worth A+ all of a sudden – it looks suspicious, don’t you agree?

A legit writing service will certainly inquire upon your academic level and writing style. If you’re a freshman who
is still learning the language, professional writers will make your paper adequate. It doesn’t mean you will get a
bad essay; your task will look as realistic as if you’ve just written it yourself. Now, no one can accuse you of
plagiarism. That is why we say great essay writing is the service that meets your individual needs precisely.

Our reviews will help you find legit writing services

It’s easy to get lost in an array of websites that all promise to write you an excellent paper in just a few hours,
and for a low price at that. But can you trust them? Unfortunately, there are some scammers who will try to cheat
you out of your money under the guise of selling high school and college essays. But thankfully, our reviewers have
decided to take one for the team and test these services out in order to find the best and most reliable ones.

Pick One of These Legit Paper Writing Services:

If you are in a rush and looking for a quality custom paper service or
article done on absolutely any niche, easyessay.us is the best possible service you can find. As their
service is located in the USA, you can expect nothing less than an impeccable piece of work. Their core of
the business is to provide you with the best quality essay service you have ever seen. You can have
complete peace of mind coming from the fact that they always deliver a custom article that goes above and
beyond your expectations, and they do understand that you need your piece as soon as possible.
Easyessay.us hires only highly educated and Ph.D. people with vast experience. Their experienced writers
can even meet the tightest deadline you give them without the slightest sacrifice of quality.What can you expect from easyessay.us:

  • Lighting-fast speed
  • Best of the best writers
  • Complete uniqueness of work
  • 100% money-back guarantee
do my essay
In terms of category selection, Do-My-Essay.org is up there with the
leading players as they provide their clients with a variety of different essay types such as case
studies, admission essays, book/movie reviews, coursework, and many others to choose from. speaking of
diversity, in order for the company to keep up with all the different types of assignments and
requirements from customers, they pursue to hire writers experienced in multiple fields of study.One of the company’s main benefits is the pricing policy they use, a policy known to be one of the most
affordable in the academic assistance market.On this note, at Do-My-Essay.org you’ll get some of the best price-quality rates in the business. An
additional special feature of this writing service is the plethora of samples they have for each paper
category and each writer register that you can look at and decide who to pick. Moreover, they provide
full-time support so you can start a discussion with the support team any time in the day.
CopyCrafter is the best academic writing service for students who need
research papers, term papers, and dissertations. Such papers demand extra attention from the writer. This
is why not any essay service can offer such papers.When it comes to unique points, there’s plenty to consider at CopyCrafter. For example, students rely
on free revisions and money-back guarantees. Such options are not easily available and in many cases,
students need to pay for revisions or they don’t have this option at all.

  • Uniqueness – Able to make complex assignments
legit essay writing services
When talking about a writer’s ability to mimic someone else’s style,
WriteMyEssays.info is unmatchable. Students get really amazed at how well some online writers can match
their style. If you’re worried about your teachers exposing your writing inconsistencies, then
WriteMyEssays.info is the way to go.To make sure your writer is a perfect match for your assignment, the company deploys special algorithms
that find the writer with a similar style. That said, you are guaranteed to receive top-notch essays
that look and sound as they were written by you.In order for the algorithm to study your writing style, you’ll have to submit a sample of your writing
(without having to worry about privacy issues), they legally promise to not share your information with
third parties.On top of all that, WriteMyEssays.info also provides additional features such as free revisions, 24/7
customer support, some of the cheapest prices in the market, and finally, guaranteed on-time delivery.
As you may guess, CoolEssay.us is a bidding platform, and we can say it
provides high-quality services. When you place a request on this website, essay writers start bidding. As
soon as you get their offers, you can choose the best writer for your paper. In addition, you can directly
speak to your writer before asking for his or her services.This bidding system has its merits in terms of originality and approach angle for any topic. One
specialist can take one approach to your topic, and another writer may have a completely different idea
on it. This is why the company offers multiple ideas for the same essay before an order is placed. You
can also feel safe about your privacy as the writers cannot discuss your order with anyone but you.

  • Uniqueness – anonymous auction system
There’s nothing to beat experience and Writing-help customers know it.
Since it’s the oldest company on the market, it also has the highest experience of them all. This is why
students find so many positive reviews on their services and with such a solid background, essays are
already second nature to their writers.But it’s not all about the probability of a good result with the company as students can rest assured
they get tangible benefits such as free plagiarism check and free bibliography. It’s always better to
have essays with a bibliography included in them, that is why students like purchasing papers from this
company. As many students know, professors abide by their bibliography as a point of reference for the
final essay mark.Writing-help.com prides itself on offering quality texts with very specific formatting. This is why
students may ask for styles such as APA, Harvard or Chicago styles with their essays. The writing style
is a necessary tool to meet the demands of teachers, and you cannot ignore it while completing your

  • Uniqueness – free bibliography page
With coursework, lab reports and assignment help, Rapidessay.com is a
trusted source for many students. This company is famous for delivering students’ papers really fast. You
may get your essays one within a few hours, which can really help save your homework. However, they can
also write a really good term paper at a high level as well.Customer support is offered 24/7 at the company and students unsure about how things work can get a
quick response even in the middle of the night. For long and massive orders, the company offers
part-by-part delivery. This allows students to split the cost of their longer essays and get it from the
writers according to milestones.An interesting feature offered by Rapidessay.com is the free sample policy. You may ask for a small
sample of text while the writer is working on the essay. This unique feature means you have control over
the style or tone of the text as its being written.

  • Uniqueness – free text sample
HQ-Essay.com is easily one of the most flexible writing services out of
this list and their satisfied customer reviews do nothing but confirm this fact. First, they have a great
price list for academic writings, and you can easily buy a paper for $10 here. But an affordable price is
not the only reason to purchase assignments from HQ-Essay.com. Besides user-friendly benefits like
money-back guaranteed, 24/7 customer support, and high security/confidentiality, the online service also
grants free formatting (Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago, and others).Another major factor that makes HQ-Essay.com stand up is their custom writing assistance services. You
can ask a professional writer to help you with any kind of essay, research paper, or PhD thesis and give
you their corrections and suggestions. this will not only help you become a better writer yourself but
will save you significant amounts of money as well.
This college paper writing service is the cheapest, as its name
suggests. But it’s not a bad service by any standard. Under the write my essay menu in the customer
account, students can see that all writers are verified. Each writer passes a test before they get on the
team. Then, the managers at Cheapessayonline.com pick the best writers themselves. It means that even if
it’s the most affordable company offering custom writing, it’s still a reliable choice.Apart from their internal verification process, writers are also scrutinized by their customer’s
reviews. Students get to see what the writer has been doing so far and how their essays have been
received by other customers in the past. The two-step writer scrutiny process means the service offers a
transparent method of having essays ready on time. Its low price wouldn’t necessarily signal this to new

  • Uniqueness – verified writers by writing samples
As you may guess, Bid4papers.com is a bidding platform, and we can say
it provides high-quality services. When you place a request on this website, essay writers start bidding.
As soon as you get their offers, you can choose the best writer for your paper. In addition, you can
directly speak to your writer before asking for his or her services.This bidding system has its merits in terms of originality and approach angle for any topic. One
specialist can take one approach to your topic, and another writer may have a completely different idea
on it. This is why the company offers multiple ideas for the same essay before an order is placed. You
can also feel safe about your privacy as the writers cannot discuss your order with anyone but you.

  • Uniqueness – anonymous auction system
  • Well, many of these things are not directly related to writing: a privacy policy and service reviews, a simple way
    to place an order – these small details signify caring about customers in a way that only the best essay writing
    service can provide. This evidence will tell you how satisfied the students are with the quality of their papers. A
    good essay should contain zero plagiarism, be well-structured, and comply with the customer’s requirements at the
    very least. Essay writing companies of the high quality will provide you with original papers only. If you have any
    complaints regarding the quality of your paper, they will give your money back or offer a free revision.
  • Think about the most important feature of a writing company for you: the speed of writing, the price, or
    thequalification of an expert. Choose this feature as fundamental while comparing different services. Copcrafterhas
    the best service if you want to get authenticated legit content. The company named Writing Help will bebest for you
    when you want to get your essays from most experienced writers. You may want to select a specificoffer from the
    writer based on your criteria. CoolEssay is the best service for you in this case becausewriters will bid on your
    project directly. Some services will not be best for you when you are in a hurry. TheRapid Essay service will give
    the fastest service. CheapEssaysOnline writing service will be considered bestfor you when you want to get essays at
    a low cost. For more details about essay companies, check out our paper writing services reviews.
  • Not from all companies. Some of them are fraudulent, so you should check the service legitimacy before purchasing.
    In this way your money will be protected from wasting for nothing. On the other side, if you will get the service
    from unknown and unreliable service, because of the low price of the essay, you may get plagiarized content. This
    can tarnish your reputation.
  • It’s easy to find out whether you’re using a legit writing service. You can ask the writing company to give you the
    Copyscape report. Most of the schools and colleges will use this tool to check for plagiarism. You should also read
    the essay and know what is written in it. When the content is plagiarism-free and you know what is written, no one
    can tell that content is not written by you. It should also contain correct information. When you take a look at the
    piece of writing, you can tell whether the writer has put any false data into your essay.
  • It’s quite simple: the real review won’t be exclusively flattering, as people typically are more likely to scold
    something with passion than telling compliments here and there. So you should look for feedback on different
    platforms and check the facts, not emotions about the people’s experiences.
  • Using academic assistance can be ethical if you’re doing it correctly. You won’t get in trouble if you get
    customized writing help, but be aware that buying plagiarized papers and turning them in can get you expelled.