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Professional essay writing services: Top 5

The best services helping students with their homework include Copycrafter.net and Writing-help.com essay writing services. Used for regular essays, research papers, dissertations, and other types of assignment writing, these services make students’ lives easier.

While there are many underperforming services, the following nominees have been selected after analyzing what they offer, their prices, and their user testimonials. Each of them comes with certain strengths and deficiencies.

Professional academic assistance companies, ranked

Judging by the types of assignments they support, their speed of delivery, and their work quality, the following services can be ranked as follows.

1. Copycrafter.net: Best for complex assignments

copycrafter.net - professional essay writing service

Copycrafter has been around for a few years now. It has already built itself up as a trustworthy high quality writing service with no issues of confidentiality or plagiarism. Apart from delivering strong general results, the expert writers behind this platform deliver solid results for complex assignments.

Among these assignments, their research papers are particularly impressive. Both undergraduate and post-graduate students need to write a research or a term paper at some time in their academic lives. At Copycrafter, over 400 writers can be selected by category for the best results with this type of innovation-related writing.

Placing your “write my paper” order is easy. Customers can choose writers by category and affordability. This ranking system is what allows Copycrafter to be transparent, as it doesn’t just assign a general writer a complex research paper, a case study, or dissertation. Every similar service has a set of values and strengths. At Copycrafter, these values are the following:

  • Amazing writers chosen by category
  • On-time delivery even with complex assignments
  • On-demand customer support
  • Results with fair prices and no hidden fees

Testimonial – Maria, accounting student

Research papers are very complex, and I needed help with my business writing. Looking at how businesses cope with finding clients in stagnant or declining periods needed a bit of help, statistics, and in-depth analysis. I placed an order on Copycrafter.net and awaited the results. The business research paper proved to be better than I expected. It came with all the analysis needed for such a complex topic for which there are very few bibliography sources available. It even surpassed my expectations by including hands-on examples and comparisons of how businesses are affected by declining sales and how this shapes their marketing efforts when compared to those practiced during periods of constant sales growth.

2. Writing-help.com: Oldest reliable company


We have placed a few orders on Writing-help over the years to see if their services are still up to today’s standard. The company still hires solid writers and their texts are among the best. A clear payment system depending on the complexity of the topic is in place.
Another strong point of this writing service is that they publish examples of real essays on their “samples” page. The most recently published essays look into Starbucks’ marketing plan, and customers who are after business writing help can examine them to see how their final work could potentially look.

Going strong for a few years, the company can now create various undergraduate and graduate essays written from scratch and according to the customer’s requirements. These texts are made according to high standards of originality, but the company’s other values and differentiating features include.

  • A money-back guarantee for those unsatisfied with the results
  • The choice of experienced writers who’ve been in the field for at least 2 years
  • The option of choosing rarely requested services such as speech writing

Testimonial – Jeremiah, movie production student

When I was looking to get my admission letter written for my film studies undergraduate course, I had no idea how to get it done. It took a bit of research, but I finally found Writing-help.com to help me with my application. They wrote the admission letter for me, and by emulating its writing style and structure, I created one of my own which I’ve added to my file. I’m now studying movie production and continue to be a loyal customer as well.

3. Bid4papers.com: Best bidding website backed by an inspiring blog


The written work at Bid4papers.com is very reliable. As the name of the service suggests, it uses a unique bidding mechanism where available writers share their bid and plan for writing a certain paper.

Bidding prices are going to be different from one writer to another. Apart from writer experience, there are a few other benefits to using their system, which include different prices depending on the type of essay writing needed, the number of pages, and the final deadline.
But the service also goes a bit further in educating students on the basics of paper writing. They offer access to an interesting blog with regular updates teaching students skills such as time management and planning a proper essay.

The combination of a practical bidding system and the educational segment of the blog make the service one of the most interesting in its class. Here are the core values of the service.

  • Students place orders and await original bids
  • All bids and writers can be categorized according to customer trust and reviews
  • A dedicated chat channel for proper student-writer communication

Testimonial – Kate, English literature student

It was already 2 weeks before my creative writing essay was due when I decided to place an order on Bid4papers. Only 5 writers applied to my task, but that’s expected since it might be the most difficult type of writing. All had favorable reviews and I chose one who was already a published writer. It only took 3-4 messages to explain my short fiction novel and then he got to work. In a couple of weeks, the text was ready. I checked for plagiarism, but the entire text was original, and I was happy to use it to improve my own writing.

4. Rapidessay.com: Fastest service


With the fastest service on offer, Rapidessay.com prides itself on producing results within 3 hours. Those running late who need a quick essay might find the right writer on the platform. This type of service is not viable for complex papers such as thesis, but it’s practical for help with general topics.

Free revisions are included in their offerings, as is free communication with the writer. All of those who want to enjoy the best results with general, short term notice writing need to communicate with their writers.

A high satisfaction rate has been achieved for most writing orders from Rapid Essay, as over 97% of orders are delivered on time. Non-stop 24/7 support for all tasks which are outside the writer’s control is also among the company’s strengths. Key points about the service include.

  • 3-hours delivery on general essays
  • A selection of over 400 writers with fast delivery results
  • Paying in parts and paying after reviewing the essays

Testimonial – George, a high-school student

I couldn’t believe I lost my essay when I was packing to leave for high-school. It was already too late in the evening to start writing a new one from scratch. I found Rapidessay.com, where I placed an order with a 3-hour delivery time.
I explained the key points of the essay to my writer and wanted them reproduced as closely as possible. The essay was ready in 3 hours, and it was very similar to how I would have written it. Without such fast delivery, the following day at school would have looked completely different, and I would have faced a major dispute with my teacher.

5. CheapEssaysOnline.com: Cheapest service


As its name suggests, CheapEssaysOnline is mainly built for high affordability. Starting at $14 per page, the company offers very affordable writing. It may work well for anyone on a tight budget. It also proves efficient for customers who have multiple orders to place, when the total spending could easily spiral out of control.

Included in this price, the writers include a free bibliography and title page. It may be a long time before most other services start adding these for free as well. However, it must be said that this low-cost scenario and pack of free pages are based on 14-day deadlines. If clients need their essays a lot sooner, the price goes up. It can even quadruple for writing on short notice.

The writers of the company aren’t bad either. They need to go through a few hoops in order to join the platform. There’s an English level test for them to pass as well as a citations styles test. To join the service, they need to pass a written test, which helps the company filter out writers. Among these strengths, students should know the following.

  • The company does customized paper writing at low fees
  • You have the option to choose from various citation styles
  • Free revisions within the revisions policy guidelines are available

Testimonial – James, college student

When I was looking for an online essay, I was surprised by the high prices of most of the companies. When I found CheapEssaysOnline.com, I wasn’t sure that the service was legit, since it offered its services for a much cheaper price. But all my worries went away after placing my first order. My essay wasn’t easy, as it looked into the history of mathematics and how mathematicians came up with their famous theories. This was a mandatory essay I needed to write to understand how numbers work according to my teacher. Its cost was the equivalent that of a few soft drinks, and it was barely anything to me. Within 2 weeks, I got my essay from the writer and was astonished by its quality.

Final considerations

These websites have proven their worth over time. As seen above, every service has its strengths. Students can choose them for either complex assignments or quick cost-effective essays. In some cases, they can all be affordable, especially if orders are placed in advance.

These services score highly on customer communication. Some of them even allow writers to communicate directly with the writer, which can only improve the final results while minimizing the risk of any unwanted surprises.