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Essay writing service reviews: 5 best companies

Ranking the best custom paper writing service is not easy. Anyone who’s worked with these services knows not all of them are reliable. Looking for a trustworthy company with original work always requires a test and a look at what other customers say.

Logically enough, students are the people using these services the most. But writing a paper is just part of the process. It also has to be sent to the customer timely and at a fair price which reflects the amount of effort the writers put into it.

Best essay writing service reviews that are actually helpful

After a detailed analysis, and multiple services reviews, five of them came out as highly-reliable. From services dealing with complex papers such as research proposals to those with the fastest delivery, here are the names that made it to the top of the list.

1. Copycrafter.net

paper writing service reviews on Cpycrafter.net

From the very beginning, any student can see that Copycrafter takes its paper writing job seriously. It focuses on some of the most complex types of papers, which puts it in the leading position when it comes to high academic level writing.
Research papers are popular on Copycrafter. But the skills needed to write these texts need to be on par with academic standards. These papers need to answer questions such as

  • Why is the topic important?
  • What previous work has been published on the topic?
  • What is the paper’s purpose?
  • Which methodology does the researcher apply?

These questions are likely to be the first stop for those reading the research paper. Before even diving into the bulk of the paper, teachers and supervisors are interested in how students approach their topic according to these academic rigors.

Copycrafter handles such complex papers with success. Both qualitative and quantitative search analysis is performed for these papers, according to what the client needs. But the service also deals with less complex writing tasks well. It is in dealing with them that college writing services prove to be popular.

At the college level, teachers are mostly interested in guiding students through proven educational theory and practice. Unlike with research papers, college papers don’t need to bring something new to a field of study. They can be written from an original personal perspective, but they don’t need to fill in any knowledge gaps. As a result, they’re a bit easier to write.

Both undergraduate and graduate papers can be ordered on the service’s website. Clients simply follow a standard procedure to ask for a customized assignment completed according to their requirements.

Testimonial – Daniel, college undergraduate

When I was looking to get to know more about the Ottoman Empire and how it conquered a vast surface of the globe, I wasn’t sure I understood how I could bring something new with my research paper.
I placed an order on Copycrafter and the writer presented previous research in a meta-study. This type of study analyzes all previous research on a given topic. This particular one showed a few interesting statistics on periods of Ottoman domination. The research paper became a great mock-up of what a decent paper should look like.

2. Writing-help.com


Writing papers over and over is like working on a craft or a skill. Eventually, writers become very good at it. This is what defines Writing-help.com. As the oldest service, it has plenty of experience in writing texts of the high quality which define its public profile today.
As the oldest company in the essay space, Writing-help provides solid papers. The standards are high at the service and while their writers deal with other academic tasks such as case studies, their essays are valuable because they possess the following characteristics.

  • A main structure
  • Clear paragraph ideas
  • A final demonstration
  • Edited for presentation

A good essay from the service has a proper structure, which can be seen in the published examples found on the Writing-Help website. Every paragraph of the essay comes with a clear idea. Any student can formulate their ideas, but putting them together in an organized structure is essential.

There’s always an objective to the best essay. Most essays here come with a conclusion which sums up the main points of the topic, something the reader and writer alike must necessarily be left with after the presentation is over.

A key aspect of the papers delivered by the service is that they’re formatted and edited for presentation. One of the key aspects of a paper is readability. Using headings, subheadings, bold text, and bulleted lists, the writers of the service ensure that the paper is easy to read.
This is essential, as many papers are presented in front of a classroom. While some professors simply read them on their own, others prefer to let the students read them in front of the class, and the way they’re structured determines whether they grab the listeners’ attention or make their audience’s focus shift to something else completely. This is where the service’s experience can be seen: in the small details.

Testimonial – Kevin, private college student

I was never good at academic writing in school. I had a lot of ideas on how to create the best response to a topic or research question but I always failed to organize them properly. As a result, my grades were often lower than I knew I deserved.
I placed an essay order on Writing-help.com because I saw that their list of values included proper writer planning. I emphasized the importance of a clear structure for my essay. The final result was very good, with all of the ideas organized properly and dates presented chronologically. I’ll be back with other essay orders, as I need to see a few more examples before I’m finally able to properly write them myself.

3. Bid4papers.com


There’s no set method of finding a good paper writer. Each service comes with a personal approach in that regard. But there are those services which simply come with a new strategy altogether, as is the case of Bid4paper.com. With a bidding system in place, the company has a clear idea of what types of writers they need.

After you submit your “write my essay” request, writers come and bid on the particular paper. This offers the customer a few extra options for the type of work to be written. Not every writer is the same, but relying on those who’ve already written on similar topics is made easier by following this bidding system.

Critical essays are popular at this service. There’s an option to order papers of the high quality, or to even learn how to write them yourself based on their informative blogs. As stated by the company, a critical essay needs to adhere to the following criteria.

  • Stating a thesis
  • Organizing ideas
  • Writing a basic outline
  • Writing the essay

Such essays need to be written in keeping with strict rules, not only due to academic standards but because they’re easier to read. The writers behind the service follow this plan on their own just by being given the title of the essay and some basic indications of what should be included.

Testimonial – Laura, liberal arts college

I was writing a short critical essay on the role of politics in the history of art. But I found too many ideas in my research and wasn’t sure which direction to take. As a result, I looked for a service which could help me to write it.
After placing an order with Bid4papers.com, I was glad to see the bids of essay writers approaching the topic from different angles. I decided to go with the writer who was the most focused on the topic from a general perspective, since it didn’t need to go into much detail. The critical essay was a success, and it was marked highly with the proposition of writing a follow-up. I’ll be back on the website to place an order for that next one.

4. Rapidessay.com


Grammar, writing style, and professionalism are the qualities for which Rapidessay writers are regularly assessed. The company keeps a record with disciplinary points based on the number of requested revisions, late deliveries, and potential customer disputes. This allows the service to have the fastest delivery because it keeps track of how writers work over time.

The company offers one of the most interesting paper services based on writer performance. It covers both undergraduate and graduate writing. Since it’s a fast service, many expect it to be of low quality, but it turns out that it’s highly dependable.

Testimonial – Raheem, college athlete

I needed a quick essay about the impact of overeating on athletes. I forgot that my due date was in 2 days and had to find a quick solution. That’s when a friend recommended Rapidessay.com. The paper was delivered on time and the order process had only taken about a minute. The final work was up to scratch, and I appreciate that it excluded any grammar errors.

5. CheapEssaysOnline.com


With a free plagiarism checking tool, CheapEssayOnline allows customers to check their text’s originality. This tool is especially essential when dealing with low cost services, which have sometimes been linked to plagiarism accusations. But CheapEssayOnline goes to show that even an affordable service can still deliver original work.

The company offers the lowest rates per page. An average of $14 for 275 words per page makes it very affordable. At the undergraduate level, it deals with basic coursework papers and even takes orders for lab reports at the higher research level.

Testimonial – Julian, community college

My professor told me to present a basic coursework paper summarizing the main lessons of the previous semester, within a week. I panicked, since I wasn’t sure it was something I would be able to deliver. I photographed a summary of the course and placed an order on CheapEssayOnline.com. The writer delivered the paper within a couple of days, elaborating on the main lessons of the course just as asked.

Final considerations

These services offer the best results as proven by what users say about them. While there are a few other new names in the industry, they still lack proper user feedback to gain the same degree of transparency. Furthermore, these new services will still have to face years of dealing with customers before becoming as reliable as the 5 names listed above.

What is the best essay writing service?

Before you order an online paper, you need to check out essay writing service online reviews and rely on them. As you do check out other reviews before buying a new product, it is the same here. You are not risking only money, but also your success in the academic journey. So if you still have not found an essay writing service, you can rely on the online reviews.

Should I use an essay writing service?

If you are a student, then you probably know how stressful and critical essay writing can be. During your academic years’, writing decides the grades you get. Lately, students have started using online tools like grammar checkers, but this is not enough to get the highest grade! In a word, if you want to get the highest grade for writing than essay writing service is the best solution.

How much should I pay someone to write an essay?

It will depend on several factors. Price generally range between $ 10 and $ 50 per page. The factor on which the price will depend is the deadline, number of pages/words, and academic level. If you need an essay almost immediately and at the same time you need top-quality work, you will have to spend more money.

Why is it so hard to write an essay?

One of the main reasons why essay writing is so hard is because students usually focus on rewards and grades. When you focus on the award and the grade, the writing becomes boring and much harder. Essay writing also requires a good knowledge of the subject matter and the methodology of essay writing. Instead of focusing on external rewards, try to think about a topic you find creative.

Is there a website that will write an essay for me?

Absolutely! Many different essay writing services can write an essay for you. It is completely safe, and if you find a good one, the highest grade is guaranteed because these papers are written by PhD. and people who already have many years of experience in writing essays. All you have to do is look at the different offers and choose the best one based on your search.