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Best Essay Writing Service Reviews: Top 10 College Paper Writing Services

Ranking legit essay services is not easy. Anyone who’s worked with these services knows not all of them are reliable. Looking for a trustworthy company with original work always requires a test and a look at what other customers say.

Logically enough, students are the people using these services the most. But writing a paper is just part of the process. After it is done, the paper needs to be sent to the customer, who is charged a fair price that reflects the writer’s efforts.

Best essay writing service reviews that are actually helpful

We took a closer look, performed several writing services reviews, and concluded that five of them could be considered highly reliable. Here is a list of websites that made the cut, including services specializing in complex research proposals as well as those focusing on fast delivery.


Easyessay.us is where you find the best custom writing experience

essay writing service reviews - easyessay.us
Here’s another service that offers cheap essays without plagiarism. Prices for college essays start at $14, which means you can buy a high school task for even cheaper, paying as little as $10 per page. We didn’t try to order complex papers from this website, but we know for sure that their essays are alright. This website allows you to order any formatting you want and promises to give your money back if necessary. You can contact their support and get an answer within 5 minutes, which isn’t remarkably fast but quite okay. All in all, for such a low price, you get a pretty decent piece of writing that’s already been checked for plagiarism. To us, EasyEssay looks like a great place for every student with a limited budget.

Testimonial — Saul, high school graduate

I don’t know how about college, but high school papers are killing me already. That’s why I’ve decided to buy this one at a site called EasyEssay.us. Actually, I don’t complain—everything I asked for was mentioned in this paper, and the plagiarism checker labeled it as the original. I’m happy to get this much for only $10 per page. Can recommend this site to others.


Copycrafter.net – One of the best essay writing services

best essay writing service reviews - Copycrafter.net
From the very beginning, any student can see that Copycrafter takes its college paper writing job seriously. It focuses on some of the most complex types of papers, which puts it in the leading position when it comes to high academic level writing.
Research papers are popular on Copycrafter. But the skills needed to write these texts need to be on par with academic standards. These papers need to answer questions such as

  • Why is the topic important?
  • What previous work has been published on the topic?
  • What is the paper’s purpose?
  • Which methodology does the researcher apply?

These questions are likely to be the first stop for those reading the research paper. Before even diving into the bulk of the paper, teachers and supervisors are interested in how students approach their topic according to these academic rigors.

Copycrafter handles such complex papers with success. Both qualitative and quantitative search analysis is performed for these papers, according to what the client needs. But the service also deals with less complex writing tasks well. It is in dealing with them that college writing services prove to be popular.

At the college level, teachers are mostly interested in guiding students through proven educational theory and practice. Unlike with research papers, college papers don’t need to bring something new to a field of study. They can be written from an original personal perspective, but they don’t need to fill in any knowledge gaps. As a result, they’re a bit easier to write.

Both undergraduate and graduate papers can be ordered on the service’s website. It works in the following way: a client places an order asking for a customized assignment and leaves specific instructions.

Testimonial – Daniel, college undergraduate

When I was looking to get to know more about the Ottoman Empire and how it conquered a vast surface of the globe, I wasn’t sure I understood how I could bring something new with my research paper.
I placed an order on Copycrafter and the writer presented previous research in a meta-study. This type of study analyzes all previous research on a given topic. This particular one showed a few interesting statistics on periods of Ottoman domination. That study was a prime example of an informative research paper.


Writing-help.com provides the best paper writing services since 2008

college paper writing service reviews - Writing-help.com
Writing papers over and over is like working on a craft or a skill. Eventually, professional writers become very good at it. This is what defines Writing-help.com. As the oldest service, it has plenty of experience in writing texts of the high quality which define its public profile today.
As the oldest company in the essay space, Writing-help provides solid papers. The standards are high at the service and while their writers deal with other academic tasks such as case studies, their essays are valuable because they possess the following characteristics.

  • A main structure
  • Clear paragraph ideas
  • A final demonstration
  • Edited for presentation

A good essay from the service has a proper structure, which can be seen in the published examples found on the Writing-Help website. In a standard essay, every paragraph reflects a single clear idea. Any student can formulate their ideas, but putting them together in an organized structure is essential.

There’s always an objective to the best essay. Typically, an essay has a conclusion that summarizes all the points made in previous paragraphs and gives the reader a clear insight into the topic.

One of the distinguishing aspects of this service is that they edit papers and format them for presentation. One of the key aspects of a paper is readability. The writers improve the structure of the paper with headings, subheadings, bold text, and bullet points, making it easier to comprehend.
This is essential, as many papers are presented in front of a classroom. While some professors simply read them on their own, others prefer to let the students read them in front of the class, and the way they’re structured determines whether they grab the listeners’ attention or make their audience’s focus shift to something else completely. This is where the service’s experience can be seen: in the small details.

Testimonial – Kevin, private college student

I was never good at academic writing in school. I knew how to write a good response, but I struggled with organizing my ideas. I felt it was unfair that my grades suffered because I knew I could do better.
I placed an essay order on Writing-help.com because I saw that their list of values included proper writer planning. I wrote that a clear structure was particularly important for my essay. The paper I got was well-organized, which I greatly appreciated. I’ll be back with other essay orders, as I need to see a few more examples before I’m finally able to properly write them myself.


Bid4papers.com is in the conversation among top essay writing services

There’s no set method of finding a good paper writer. Every service is different in this sense. But there are those essay writing services which simply come with a new strategy altogether, as is the case of Bid4paper.com. With a bidding system in place, the company has a clear idea of what types of writers they need.After you submit your “write my essay” request, writers come and bid on the particular paper. The customer has the benefit of choosing the best candidate for writing their paper. Not every writer is the same, but relying on those who’ve already written on similar topics is made easier by following this bidding system.

Critical essays are popular at this service. There’s an option to order papers of the high quality, or to even learn how to write them yourself based on their informative blogs. According to Bid4papers.com, a critical essay must be written according to a specific plan.

  • Stating a thesis
  • Organizing ideas
  • Writing a basic outline
  • Writing the essay

Such essays need to be written in keeping with strict rules, not only due to academic standards but because they’re easier to read. The writers at Bid4papers.com follow this structure adjustmenting it based on the title of the essay and the instructions that specify what information must be included.

Testimonial – Laura, liberal arts college

I had an assignment to write about how politics has impacted art throughout history. But I found too many ideas in my research and wasn’t sure which direction to take. Therefore, I searched for a service that could help me with the paper.
After placing an order with Bid4papers.com, I was glad to see the bids of essay writers approaching the topic from different angles. I decided to go with the writer who was the most focused on the topic from a general perspective, since it didn’t need to go into much detail. My final critical essay turned out great, and not only did I get a high mark, but I was asked to write another one. I’ll be back on the website to place an order for that next one.


Rapidessay.com offers the best price for good a term paper

At Rapidessay, writers are regularly tested based on their command of grammar, academic style, and language use. This service keeps track of the revisions requested by clients, the deliveries made past deadline, and any disputes with customers. This allows the service to have the fastest delivery because it keeps track of how writers work over time.The company offers one of the most interesting paper services based on writer performance. It covers both undergraduate and graduate writing. Since it’s a fast service, many expect it to be of low quality, but it turns out that it’s highly dependable.

Testimonial – Raheem, college athlete

I had very little time to write an essay about sports nutrition. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the due date was the next day, and I realized that I needed help. That’s when a friend recommended Rapidessay.com. It took a few short steps to place the order, and then I got the paper delivered by the deadline. The result was a quality paper free of grammatical mistakes.


Cheapessaysonline.com has a great reputation among research paper writing companies

With a free plagiarism checking tool, CheapEssayOnline allows customers to check their text’s originality. This tool is especially essential when dealing with low cost services, which have sometimes been linked to plagiarism accusations. CheapEssayOnline offers the lowest rate per page and proves that it is possible to get original papers even at a low price. An average of $14 for 275 words per page makes it very affordable. They complete orders at various academic levels, from undergraduate coursework papers to more complicated lab reports.

Testimonial – Julian, community college

I had one week to prepare a coursework paper covering all the topics that had been discussed during the semester. I panicked, since I wasn’t sure it was something I would be able to deliver. I photographed a summary of the course and placed an order on CheapEssayOnline.com. The paper was delivered in time and included detailed information on the topics I required.


EssaysMatch.com hires experienced essay writers

One thing that sets EssaysMatch.com apart from other cheap essay writing websites is that their specialists write like actual students. This approach allows you to better understand papers by professional writers, especially if you are still learning English. It can be extremely convenient if you are an international student and have difficulty comprehending academic language. In addition, EssaysMatch.com offers standard features such as a plagiarism check, 24-hour customer support, and revisions upon request. The prices are affordable—an essay costs $20 per page. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a fair price for a pro trying to mimic your manner of writing. The website also works with specific topics and complex disciplines, and you can always send them a request to find out whether they have a writer to deal with your task.

Testimonial — Natasha, a college freshman

I’m happy that I found this website! English is my second language, so I have a hard time understanding everything in my textbook. I needed someone who can explain to me what was written there in a simple way, and this writer did great! It was much easier to write an essay using this sample, this is a very helpful service.


IWantEssay.net is known for it’s high-quality customer support

Even though the layout of this website is a little outdated, this service still offers cheap papers for various disciplines. One page of a high school essay is available for $10 here, and for a college-level paper, it’ll be just $14. This is a fairly low price considering that you are paying for custom-written papers. In fact, on this site you can buy any other type of homework as well, like essay writing services reviews, and this particular assignment writing service review, research, and term papers—all of them rather cheaply. The range of services provided can turn IWantEssay into your go-to supplier for papers.Worried about your safety on such a cheap website? The customers also get guaranteed confidentiality and reliable online transactions. IWantEssay also provides a money-back guarantee or free revisions if you don’t get what you want. Customer feedback is quite positive, proving that there is no reason to suspect fraud here.

Testimonial — Ali, MBA student

Writing essays isn’t my thing. Being a business major, I’ve completed some pretty serious assignments, but the nasty short essays in things like philosophy are the killers. I’ve bought a couple of papers from this website (since they’re cheap anyway) just to keep calm and devote myself to more important tasks. I was not expecting to get such well-written, thoughtful, and original essays. It turns out you can still get a decent paper without paying all of your pocket money for it.


HQ-Essay.com is where you go to find the best essays online

Speaking of cheap essay writing websites, here’s another one. HQ-Essay prioritizes quality and meeting customer’s requirements. You can ask for free revisions or get a refund if you’re dissatisfied with the quality of the paper. The rates at HQ-Essay are some of the lowest in the market at $10 for a high school essay and $14 if it’s college-level. As per usual, you start by placing an order, you pay for your assignment, and then you get it delivered. Testimonials and feedback on timely delivery are positive. Despite its cheapness, the service submits papers on time. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to waste money on essays and other papers, this website is right for you.

Testimonial — Cindy, a college student

At first, I had a lot of doubts about ordering my sociology essay online. I’m always worried about money, and I felt like it was wrong to buy something you could do yourself. However, time was running out, and I had no idea what to do about this essay. But after placing the order I got the paper even sooner than I had asked. Everything was fine! I’m not sure about the quality, but an online checker stated that the paper was original. Now I’m not as worried, and maybe I’ll buy some more essays here.


Essay-writing-service.net offers a dissertation writing service

You can hardly call this company’s name original, but the same certainly can’t be said about their papers. This service is a bidding platform, meaning that after you place an inquiry along with instructions, writers bid on it to offer you the best price. The procedure is actually quite simple—you find a writer, put money into your online wallet, and wait for your paper to be ready.Essay-Writing-Service is a great place for every person who wants to know what they are paying for in advance. With this service, you can rest assured that you won’t be charged until your paper is delivered and you’re satisfied with the quality. On the other hand, you don’t know the price of your paper right away—every writer can make a different offer. All we can say is that the cost of your paper will be rather average, and you’ll save your nerves while working with these writers.

Testimonial — Joel, a high school graduate

I’d never used any writing services before and was really concerned about my money. On the one hand, it would be super cool to buy an essay from someone who knows the subject better than I do, but I couldn’t sacrifice my pocket money for a fraudulent website. I placed an order and picked the first writer who answered. He asked $15 for a short essay. In the end, I got my paper on time, and now I know where to get more if I need them!

Choosing a top rated essay writing

Now that you know which essay help services to trust, you can start choosing the writing company that works best for you. But first, take a while to think about what it is you’re looking for. Is it an affordable price? Premium quality? Experienced writers? Quick service? Rank these factors by importance and then read the list of services again, this time evaluating each one based on your requirements.

Consider both sides of the situation. For example, maybe you want to have more say in choosing your expert. In this case, bidding platforms may be a good pick for you because they allow this kind of freedom. But they have one significant disadvantage: the writers determine the prices, so you can end up overpaying. Meanwhile, writing services that assign experts for you usually have fixed rates, which means a writer can’t mark it up. Moreover, a designated manager may be more effective at finding a suitable writer for you than yourself because it’s what they’re trained to do. And as for choice, most such companies let you select the category of your writer (e.g., standard, advanced, or premium).

If you’re looking for an affordable writing service, we suggest looking into companies that charge less. And while you’re at it, check if a service has a flexible pricing policy that allows customers to save money on orders with long deadlines.

But no matter which website you choose, make sure it’s a custom essay writing service. You want your paper written from scratch, and you want it to be unique. Stay away from companies that sell pre-written papers to anyone willing to buy, or else you’ll end up having a plagiarized paper.

How to tell a legit academic writing service from a scam

We review writing services for you to know whom to trust, but there’s a myriad of companies on the internet, and it’s physically impossible for us to cover them all. So what do you do if you find a new website claiming to provide writing help? We’ve compiled a short guide for you to singlehandedly determine if it’s a scam or a legitimate service.

First, check the link. If the website is safe, its URL should start with “https://,” where the “s” stands for “secure.” It means that the website uses encryption and is protected from hackers. Please note that some browsers hide the “https://” part of the address and show a little padlock icon instead. So, if the URL starts with just “http://,” it’s not necessarily a scam, but you should be careful. And as a general rule, don’t ever enter your personal, financial, or any other type of sensitive information on an unsafe website.

Next, check for guarantees, contact information, and secure payment options. These are the minimum requirements for a legit writing service. If the company works with a well-known and trusted payment system, it’s a good sign. Be careful if it encourages you to transfer your money to a cryptocurrency wallet, because it could mean that it’s trying to hide its funds.

Next, look up this website online and see if the search yields any results. A legit company should get at least some mentions on other websites, as well as in independent customer reviews. So don’t let an affordable price lure you in, and be cautious about whom you trust with your money and information.

Final considerations

These services offer the best results as proven by what users say about them. While there are a few other new names in the industry, they still lack proper user feedback to gain the same degree of transparency. Furthermore, these new services will still have to face years of dealing with customers before becoming as reliable as the 5 names listed above.

What is the best essay writing service?

Before you order an online paper, you need to check out essay writing service online reviews and rely on them. As you do check out other reviews before buying a new product, it is the same here. You are not risking only money, but also your success in the academic journey. So if you still have not found an essay writing service, you can rely on the online reviews.

Should I use an essay writing service?

Every student is familiar with the challenges and pressures of essay writing. Your academic success is measured with grades, and writing plays a decisive part inhow they turn out. Modern online tools such as grammar checkers have become more popular with students, but using them is not enough to get a perfect score. Therefore, hiring an essay writing service is the best and shortest way to learn how to compose great papers faster.

How much should I pay someone to write an essay?

It will depend on several factors. Price generally range between $ 10 and $ 50 per page. The factor on which the price will depend is the deadline, number of pages/words, and academic level. If you need an essay almost immediately and at the same time you need top-quality work, you will have to spend more money.

Why is it so hard to write an essay?

One of the main reasons why essay writing is so hard is because students usually focus on rewards and grades. When you focus on the award and the grade, the writing becomes boring and much harder. Essay writing also requires a good knowledge of the subject matter and the methodology of essay writing. Instead of focusing on external rewards, try to think about a topic you find creative.

Is there a website that will write an essay for me?

Absolutely! Many different essay writing services can write an essay for you. It is completely safe, and if you find a good one, the highest grade is guaranteed because these papers are written by PhD. and people who already have many years of experience in writing essays. All you have to do is look at the different offers and choose the best one based on your search.

Can I suggest a writing service for you to review?

Of course! But first, check out our list of reviews, perhaps we’ve already covered this service. We aim to provide up-to-date content, so we update our lists and add new reviews regularly. However, sometimes we may fail to take note of a new writing service when it hits the market. After all, we’re only human. Plus, we only have so much time on our hands, so we try to cover the major companies that attract enough customers for it to be relevant. But if you can’t find a review for a specific writing service on our website, you can suggest it in an email. We’ll be very thankful for your contribution and interest in what we do.

Which other writing service review websites can you recommend?

First of all, we can’t fully vouch for other websites. We can only speak for ourselves, and we assure you that you can trust us to write fair and unbiased reviews. But if you want to get more reviews from elsewhere, we highly recommend such websites as OmniPapers.com and PaytoWriteEssays.com because they seem to be pretty objective and impartial. Other alternatives include BestEssaytips.com and TopWritersReview.com.

Is it necessary to read reviews and testimonials about a website before ordering from there?

If you want to get high-quality writing assistance, then yes, it’s absolutely necessary to research the service you’re ordering from. Unfortunately, it’s the only way you can find out if it’s trustworthy other than taking the risk and trying it out for yourself. But getting a poorly written essay and being scammed out of your money is not the worst thing that can happen. Some dangerous websites can steal your personal information and credit card details, thus compromising your privacy and finances. Therefore, we strongly advise against ordering from unknown writing services. Nevertheless, we also understand that researching different companies can take a lot of time, so we created LegitimateEssayWiting for you to read reviews in one place.

Is it legal to buy from a paper writing service?

Yes, ordering from a legit writing service is entirely legal in that it’s not a crime, and you can’t go to jail for doing it. However, you should use it wisely. First of all, determine if the service you want to order from creates original papers or sells pre-written ones. The difference is that with a custom writing service, you get a unique essay completed according to your instructions, while pre-written papers are almost always plagiarized. If you’re going to eventually turn your paper in, it’s a very bad idea to buy a plagiarized one—it may get you suspended or even expelled from school or college. But you don’t have to worry about that if you order from a legit custom writing service.

Are essay writing services safe to use?

Essay writing services can be perfectly safe to use, and they can be highly dangerous just as easily. It all depends on the company. There are many safe and reliable services that offer legit help. They won’t steal or misuse your personal information, withhold your money, or refuse to pay a refund when it’s due. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of scams that will sell you plagiarized content, defraud you, or even worse, steal your personal or financial information. In order to get secure paper writing help, you should carefully choose where to order it from. Our website makes your choice much easier by reviewing some of the most popular services on the market.

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  7. They sure know what they are doing when it comes to editing their work after a revision. They are very fast writers which means they type pretty fast while they process their thoughts. They sure mean business in this industry and awesome things are in store for them.

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