Is Edubirdie Legit? Find Out In This Review

While seeking a reliable essay writing service, many stumble upon Edubirdie. Is Edubirdie legit? This should be the main question to ask before signing up. From a design perspective, Edubirdie’s website looks legit, fresh, and modern. But it seems there’s not much reliability behind the appealing aesthetics. legitimate?

Papers they offer to write

If Edubirdie only started with the most basic services, they now offer a wider range of services. Those who’ve been with the platform from the start know that even with a small number of papers, their results were underwhelming. So is Edubirdie legit in the conditions in which it added extra services?

New services include book reviews and speech writing, but the results are as poor as with the older services. The older standard services which include all basic essays, research papers, scholarship essays, case studies, presentations or term papers are generally of poor quality.

Capstone projects are also on offer at Edubirdies. These types of projects are quite complex as they represent an effort students have to put in while in their last year of studies. This means that such projects need to comprehensively cover a topic, based on multiple years of study.

Quality of Edubirdie’s work

It is the quality of the results which trigger people to search for terms such as ‘is Edubirdie legit’ on the web. For many students, the poor results make them question what goes on behind this essay-writing platform.

A student recalls placing an order for a dissertation. By its nature, a dissertation takes a lot of work. From the initial research stages to reviewing relevant literature and writing a successful dissertation, there are many steps to go through. The student placed order months in advance. After multiple delays, the final dissertation was of poor quality, largely off-topic.

is edubirdie legit

References seem to be another problem with Edubirdie. For example, UK and US universities generally abide by the Harvard referencing system. Failing to abide by this system may even lead to students not getting a passing grade.

Huge marketing budget to cover the scam

Those thinking Edubirdie is not making money might be in shock when they check their social media platforms. Edubirdie has over 90.000 followers on Instagram.

However, none of the posts are vaguely-related to their services or deals. Instead, the account only shares memes and funny videos. So is Edubirdie legit? Judging by the quality of their work and by their social media accounts, it would be hard to give the platform a passing grade.

The money-back-guarantee offered by Edubirdie is also troublesome. There are endless reviews on how the money is not actually sent back to students and most of them are simply directed to ask for revisions, even if the entire essay is off-topic. is not legit: the verdict

Edubirdie charges at least $18 per page for their essays. The way students think about this is that if they spend more, they’ll get better quality essays. But this is not the case as a doctor working on Edubirdie states. Even if the platform charges $18 per page, only $4 goes to the actual writer. Is Edubirdie legit? It’s not. This includes its legitimacy even for its writers.

In these conditions, students can’t expect writers to put much effort into a page remunerated with $4. As a result, multiple plagiarism issues arise. Writers are not sufficiently motivated to put in an effort. While this might not be a problem for general essays with simple topics, it certainly becomes an issue with scholarship essays or research papers that professors take seriously.