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Best custom essay writing service – here’s what it needs

The best custom essay writing services have to provide non-plagiarized work. They also need to deliver essays on time, according to the academic level requirements. Some of the best services also offer free revisions and a money-back guarantee.

Best academic assistance websites must-haves

Judging by today’s reviews, writing services need to deliver specific work with total confidentiality. The problem with many new academic websites is that they lack consistency. Some of the oldest services on the market are powered by proper writer vetting.

what is the best custom essay writing service

Apart from having good specialists, these services should also ensure that all papers are written to the customer’s standards for the agreed upon fee. A few cases have been known when a writing service starts successfully but then later drops in quality. According to customer opinions, here are the most important elements that make the difference between a good writing service and the best one.

Non-plagiarized work

Plagiarism is a major concern to have about content written online. Many clients say that the plagiarized work they purchased was not worth the investment.

Some services offer anti-plagiarism checkers before the payment is made. But clients can also find plagiarism using many free online websites available today. However, free plagiarism checkers don’t verify longer texts. Still, customers can check a small paragraph on a couple of services to see if the text is truly original.

Plagiarism is a considerable problem in school. It’s even more serious at the university and college level. Many students can face severe repercussions for citing a plagiarized work. At the moment, several writing services offer clear recommendations as to how to ensure the originality of their work. In order to be sure that it’s true you have to read best essay writing service reviews.

A solid method for clients to make sure their research paper is original is to avoid placing last-minute orders. While such rapid services are popular today, they may present works of lower than average quality. Most writers struggle to find the time for proper research when they are only a few hours away from the deadline. This can give birth to plagiarized work which helps neither the writer nor the customer.

A reliable writing service will only offer you original papers of good quality. Additionally, a money-back guarantee should be seen as the standard for those services that plan to rise above the rest.

Great communication with the service

Communication is a real problem between customers and writers. Communication channels are usually limited, which is why websites may not understand what their customers need. However, some websites work to ensure excellent interaction between you and the team. Here are the best communication channels that top writing services offer.

  • 24/7 online chat
    This form of communication is the most common among large companies today. Writing services employ staff to be available at all times. Those who want quick answers have no other obstacle than sending an internal message to the customer support team.
  • Email support
    Support via email also needs to come as standard. It can be particularly helpful to new customers who still don’t have access to communication channels with the writers. It can also be one of the best ways to explain complex tasks to the website team.
  • Phone support
    Phone support is not always offered by online writing services. Such a communication tool is not cost-effective which is why it’s not seen as much today as customers would like. But phone communication cannot be replaced by online chatting. Take payments as an example.

Whenever there’s an issue with a payment going through, phone communication is the fastest to resolve potential issues. It can even be a quick method to see if the credit card has been processed in case of technical issues during checkout.

Effective communication with the writer

The most important form of interaction is the one with the writer. It offers unparalleled results. Clients who stay in touch with their experts are those who usually enjoy the best results in terms of essay quality.

Communication with the writer is not provided by most essay services. Some websites offer an internal messaging system with the writer once the order has been confirmed. It’s also important to note that clients cannot talk to multiple writers most of the time. They can only communicate with the assigned writer or with the expert who wins the bid on bidding-based platforms.

Customer-writer communication is even more important for comprehensive work. A thesis, dissertation, or research paper benefits from clear interaction over the long-term. Such work can even take a few months to complete by various milestones. This means that two-way communication works to the advantage of the client.

Clear order status updates

Status updates can be problematic on orders which take a few weeks to complete. While essays that take a day to finish don’t need any status updates, things change with large orders normally placed to either save money or to allow the writer to research a comprehensive topic properly.

Clear status updates aren’t yet provided by all writing services. It’s a matter of principle to see the status update of a text. If there’s no writer-enabled communication, then status updates can be even more problematic.


One of the major reasons for concern is pricing. Clients have usually paid the appropriate fees if the text quality they receive is high. But it’s low-quality texts stamped with high prices that most have issues with. It might even be worth investing in the right service and sticking to it so that every client knows what they’re getting for the money.

Delivering essays on time

On-time delivery is another important aspect thate leading writing services abide by. With over 90% timely delivery results, they’re leading for a reason. Customers need to know that their top essay will come on time. Constant delays and postponing the deadline of the essay is something most customers don’t have the patience to deal with.

Paying after delivery

Some essay writing services only require payment after the research paper has been delivered. This works to ease the mind of customers who might feel uncomfortable paying a large amount for a text of uncertain quality.

Paying in stages is also supported by some websites. It means customers can easily work by milestones to ensure that they will receive the best essay possible. By doing so, customers also make the financial investment more easily. It’s significantly more stressful to pay hundreds of dollars at once than to pay tens of dollars at a time.

Citations styles

MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard citation styles are supported by high-quality essay services. They allow clients to adhere to their academic requirements. Not all colleges require the same citation styles, and authors need to be aware of them before writing an entire paper.

Writing samples

A good method of establishing the quality of a custom writing company is by seeing samples of its work. Surprisingly, most services don’t publish essay samples. But the best show multiple essay examples in many fields, which give a clear indication as to what the client can expect. While the topics may be different, the writing style and the amount of detail within the text is going to be largely similar.

What are top-5 essay writing services?

There are a few custom services to rely on. According to what customers say today, the following services offer top reliability.

  1. Copycrafter.net
  2. Writing-help.com
  3. Bid4papers.com
  4. Rapidessay.com
  5. CheapEssayOnline.com

These services are highly ranked in all variables discussed above. There are a few options that allow users to enjoy these services and get good academic writing for a reasonable price.

Final considerations

Some of the leading writing services manage to deliver high-quality results through abiding by these standards. But it takes effort to select the professional writers and also to create the correct system that makes placing an order simple and transparent.
Most of these benefits can be checked on the homepage of these writing services. For all other details, clients can check their frequently asked questions sections. It’s in these sections customers get answers both about text quality and the ordering process itself.

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